part of speech: verb

inflections: climbs, climbing, climbed

definition 1: to move upward; go towards the top; rise.

  • He climbed for an hour until he reached the top of the hill.
  • The airplane climbed sharply after it took off.

synonyms: ascend

antonyms: descend

definition 2: to grow upward on a tall support.

  • The ivy climbed to the roof of the house.

synonyms: creep, twine

definition 3: to go up by foot.

  • Let’s climb the hill.

synonyms: ascend


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act of climbing.

  • The family made several mountain climbs during their vacation.

synonyms: ascent

definition 2: something to be climbed.

  • That cliff is a difficult climb.

synonyms: ascent

derivation: climbable (adj.)