part of speech: adjective

inflections: clearer, clearest

definition 1: free of darkness, clouds, or haze.

  • It was a clear, sunny day.

synonyms: fair

antonyms: cloudy, hazy, misty, overcast

definition 2: free of defects or flaws.

  • The diamond was clear and perfect.

synonyms: clean, perfect, pure

antonyms: cloudy, opaque

definition 3: lacking color and able to be seen through.

  • We bought some clear plastic cups and also some blue ones.

antonyms: opaque

definition 4: free of confusion.

  • The professor gave me a clear explanation.

synonyms: plain

antonyms: abstract, dim, misty, obscure

definition 5: unable to be mistaken for something else; obvious.

  • This is a clear case of murder.

synonyms: obvious, plain

antonyms: dim, doubtful, hidden, obscure

definition 6: perfectly easy to understand.

  • The directions were clear, and we found the house easily.

synonyms: apparent, evident, plain

antonyms: dim, obscure

definition 7: free from guilt; innocent.

  • My conscience is clear.

synonyms: innocent

antonyms: guilty

definition 8: not blocked; open.

  • There was a clear path through the woods.

synonyms: open

antonyms: clogged, obstructed


part of speech: adverb

inflections: clearer, clearest

definition: in a clear way; clearly.

  • I can hear you loud and clear.

synonyms: clearly


part of speech: verb

inflections: clears, clearing, cleared

definition 1: to make free of confusion or doubt.

  • We did not understand the homework assignment at first, but he cleared it up for us.

synonyms: clarify

definition 2: to make free of anything in the way; make open.

  • Workers cleared the path of fallen branches.

synonyms: open

antonyms: obstruct, set

definition 3: to pass by or near without touching.

  • The horse cleared the fence.

definition 4: to give permission to for an action.

  • The control tower cleared the plane for takeoff.

synonyms: approve, authorize, OK

definition 5: to become clear.

  • After a week of rain, the sky finally cleared.

phrase: in the clear