part of speech: noun

definition 1: glad feelings; happiness.

  • We are filled with cheer during the holidays.

synonyms: gaiety, glee, happiness

antonyms: sadness

definition 2: a shout of encouragement, happiness, or praise.

  • The crowd let out a cheer when their favorite team scored a goal.

antonyms: boo


part of speech: verb

inflections: cheers, cheering, cheered

definition 1: to comfort or make happy (sometimes followed by “up”).

  • The good news cheered them up.

synonyms: comfort, console

antonyms: depress

definition 2: to cry out in happiness or appreciation.

  • When they heard the good news, everyone cheered.
  • The audience cheered at the end of the play.

definition 3: to give a shout of encouragement or praise to (someone).

  • They cheered the winners wildly.

synonyms: root for

antonyms: boo

definition 4: to become happier or less glum (usually followed by “up”).

  • As the rain stopped, we began to cheer up.

derivations: cheeringly (adv.), cheerer (n.)