part of speech: noun

definition 1: a test or search to make sure that something is correct or in order.

  • The stage crew ran a check of the sound system before the concert started.

synonyms: examination, inspection, test

definition 2: a written order to a bank to pay money from an account.

  • I pay my bills by check.

definition 3: a bill for food and drink at a bar or restaurant.

synonyms: tab

definition 4: a design or pattern made up of small squares.

  • She wore a dress of red and black checks.

synonyms: square

definition 5: something that controls, holds back, or limits.

  • The rule against loud noise in the neighborhood put a check on band practice.

synonyms: curb, rein

definition 6: the situation in chess in which the king is under attack by an opponent’s piece.


part of speech: verb

inflections: checks, checking, checked

definition 1: to look over to make sure of correctness; examine carefully.

  • Would you check my paper to see if I have made any spelling mistakes?

synonyms: inspect, look over

definition 2: to put under someone’s care for a short time.

  • We checked our bags at the desk while we walked around the train station.

synonyms: entrust

definition 3: to look at (something) in order to get some specific information about it.

  • My mom just checked the turkey, but it wasn’t done yet.

definition 4: to cause to stop suddenly.

  • The rider checked his galloping horse.

synonyms: halt

antonyms: accelerate, release

definition 5: to put a mark next to in order to show that something is correct or has been done (often followed by “off”).

  • Please check off the items on the grocery list after you have found them.

derivation: checkless (adj.)