part of speech: verb

inflections: changes, changing, changed

definition 1: to make different; alter the content or form of.

  • He changed his story when he told it to us.

synonyms: adjust, alter, revise

antonyms: maintain

definition 2: to cause to have a completely different form (usually followed by “to” or “into”).

  • The witch changed him into a toad.

synonyms: convert, transform, turn

definition 3: to put another in place of; exchange.

  • I change schools next fall.

synonyms: exchange, switch

definition 4: to become different.

  • You have changed since the last time I saw you.
  • The leaves change in the fall.

synonyms: alter

definition 5: to put on other clothing.

  • I want to change before the party.


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act of changing; the fact of being changed.

  • There are two changes in the class schedule today.
  • The artist made some changes to his sketch.

synonyms:  conversion

definition 2: money given in smaller bills or coins in exchange for a larger bill or coin of an equal amount.

  • May I have four quarters as change for a dollar?

definition 3: the money that one is given in return if one pays for something with an amount of money than is greater than the price.

  • He paid for the newspaper with a twenty-dollar bill and the cashier gave him his change.

definition 4: coins.

  • Some change fell out through a hole in his pocket.

synonyms: coins, silver

definition 5: anything exchanged for or put in place of something else.

  • I was staying overnight, so I brought a change of clothes.

synonyms: substitute, substitution

derivation: changing (adj.)