• There is a nut in the center of this candy.
  • The post office is in the center of the town.

synonyms: core, heart, kernel, middle

definition 3: a place, person, or thing that is the main object of attention or interest.

  • There were many good paintings, but the unusual sculpture was the center of attention at the exhibit.

synonyms: focus, hub

definition 4: a place of activity that attracts people from different places.

  • We play basketball at the community center on Saturdays.
  • Mali was a center of commerce and learning in the Middle Ages.

synonyms: base, focus, headquarters, hub, nucleus

definition 5: a player who is in a middle position on a playing field or court.


part of speech: verb

inflections: centers, centering, centered

definition 1: to place at a center.

  • Please center the title on the page.

definition 2: to focus or concentrate.

  • We centered our thoughts on finding ways to help the people in need.

synonyms: concentrate, focus