part of speech: verb

inflections: catches, catching, caught

definition 1: to get control of (someone or something moving away); capture.

  • The cat tried to catch the mouse.
  • The child let go of the balloon and no one could catch it.
  • The police caught the men who robbed the bank.

synonyms: capture, seize, take

antonyms: lose

definition 2: to take hold of (someone or something that is falling or thrown).

  • I will catch you if you fall.
  • I caught the ball in my left hand.

synonyms: grab

antonyms: miss

definition 3: to discover and surprise suddenly.

  • The park ranger caught us littering.

synonyms: surprise

definition 4: to get aboard in time to ride.

  • I caught the last bus home.

synonyms: board

antonyms: miss

definition 5: to become ill with.

  • My father caught the flu.

synonyms: contract, get

definition 6: to get the attention of; attract.

  • This hat will catch his eye.

synonyms: attract, draw

antonyms: lose

definition 7: to become gripped, fastened, or trapped.

  • His coat caught in the door.

synonyms: stick

definition 8: to begin to burn.

  • They waited for the wood to catch on fire.

synonyms: kindle

definition 9: to play the position of catcher in baseball or softball.

phrase: catch up


part of speech: noun

definition 1: an act of catching.

  • The ball was hit hard, but the fielder made the catch.

synonyms: grasp, seizure

antonyms: miss

definition 2: a thing or the amount that is caught.

  • The lucky fisherman brought in a big catch.

synonyms: take

definition 3: a thing that takes hold of something and slows or stops its motion; latch.

  • The catch was broken and the door would not close.

synonyms: bolt, fastener, latch

definition 4: a hidden trick or flaw in something.

  • When someone offers you a free car, there must be a catch.

synonyms: hitch