part of speech: noun

definition 1: serious attention.

  • Do this important job with care.

synonyms: attention, attentiveness, awareness, watchfulness

antonyms: carelessness, neglect

definition 2: worry or concern.

  • She frowns all the time because she has so many cares.

synonyms: anxiety, concern, worry

definition 3: the act of watching over or tending; protection.

  • The sick man should be under the care of a doctor.

synonyms: attention, charge

antonyms: abuse, disregard, neglect

phrase: take care of


part of speech: verb

inflections: cares, caring, cared

definition 1: to be concerned.

  • He didn’t care about what other people said about him.

synonyms: fret, worry

definition 2: to feel a liking or attraction (usually followed by “for”).

  • Sam doesn’t care for spinach.

definition 3: to watch over or tend to the needs of (usually followed by “for”).

  • Aunt Jane cared for me while I was sick.

synonyms: attend, minister, supervise

antonyms: neglect

definition 4: to want or wish (usually followed by an infinitive of another verb).

  • Would you care to go with us?

synonyms: desire, wish

derivation: caring (adj.)

Word History

Care comes from an Old English word that means “grief,” “sorrow,” or “anxiety.” Since the 1700s, it has lost intensity and is much more likely to mean concerned attention.

Word Builder: care +

careful: with care.
careless: without care.