part of speech: auxiliary verb

inflections: can, could

definition 1: to be able to; have the ability to.

  • She can play the piano.

definition 2: to have the power or right to.

  • Only the boss can hire and fire employees.

definition 3: to have permission to.

  • Can I borrow your umbrella?

definition 4: used to express the possibility for something to happen or to be a certain way.

  • It can get very cold in this part of the country in January.
  • You can’t be hungry yet! You just ate a big lunch!


part of speech: noun

definition 1: a metal container for food or other products, made in the shape of a cylinder.

definition 2: the amount such a container holds.

  • Jesse drank two cans of soda at the picnic.


part of speech: verb

inflections: cans, canning, canned

definition: to put in a sealed jar to keep fresh for future use.

  • We can tomatoes from our garden every summer.

Word Builder: can +

can opener: a small machine that you use to open cans.