part of speech: verb

inflections: calls, calling, called

definition 1: to say in a loud voice or shout out.

  • She called his name, but nobody answered.

synonyms: exclaim, hail, shout

definition 2: to tell to come.

  • The bell called us to dinner.

synonyms: ask, invite, summon

definition 3: to telephone.

  • Call me next week.

synonyms: phone, telephone

definition 4: to name.

  • She called her story “The Missing Monkey.”

synonyms: entitle, name, term

definition 5: to make a visit.

  • Please do call when you are in town.

definition 6: to give a descriptive name or label to.

  • He called me a liar.

synonyms: label, name, term

phrase: call for

phrase: call off


part of speech: noun

definition 1: a shout or loud cry.

  • We didn’t hear his call for help.

synonyms: cry, outcry, shout

definition 2: the sound made by a bird or animal.

  • The bullfrog’s call sounds like a loose banjo string.

synonyms: cry, song

definition 3: an act of telephoning.

  • We got her call early this morning.

synonyms: buzz, ring

definition 4: a short visit.

  • He paid her a call.

synonyms: visit