part of speech: noun

inflections: buses, busses

definition: a long motor vehicle with many rows of seats used to carry large numbers of people. Buses usually travel along a regular route.


part of speech: verb

inflections: buses, busses, busing, bussing, bused, bussed

definition 1: to carry by bus.

  • Many children are bused to school.

definition 2: to ride in a bus.

  • They bus to work.


Word History
Bus is a shortened form of the word omnibus, which was used by the French for a vehicle that could be used by all social classes. Omnibus is a Latin word meaning “for all.”

Word Builder: bus +
bus stop:
the place where a bus stops so people can get on or off.
bus station:
a building where many buses stop so that people can get on or off.