part of speech: verb

inflections: burns, burning, burned, burnt

definition 1: to be in flames; be on fire.

  • The forest burned for three days.

synonyms: blaze, flame

definition 2: to sting or hurt sharply.

  • This bee sting burns.

synonyms: smart, sting

definition 3: to be cooked too much.

  • The popcorn is burning.

definition 4: to receive too much sun on the skin.

  • She burns easily in the sun.

synonyms: sunburn

definition 5: to be very hot.

  • His face was burning with fever.

definition 6: to cause to be set on fire.

  • He burned his trash in the backyard.

synonyms: ignite, set fire to

definition 7: to hurt or damage by too much heat.

  • The pot burned my hand.

phrase: burn down

phrase: burn out


part of speech: noun

definition: an injury caused by heat.

  • She got a burn from touching a hot pan.