part of speech: verb

inflections: builds, building, built

definition 1: to make by joining together different parts and materials; construct.

  • We’re going to build a tree house.

synonyms: construct

antonyms: dismantle, tear down

definition 2: to form or create.

  • The coach is hoping to build a strong team this year.

synonyms: create, form

antonyms: destroy, eradicate

definition 3: to make stronger or larger.

  • Success built her confidence.

synonyms: develop, strengthen

antonyms: decrease, diminish, weaken

definition 4: to grow in size, amount, or intensity.

  • Listen to the music build.

synonyms: develop, intensify, swell

antonyms: decrease, diminish, reduce

phrase: build up


part of speech: noun

definition: a particular type of body; figure.

  • Football players often have a large build.

Word History
The word build comes from bilden, an early English word that means “a dwelling or house.” The current spelling did not appear until the late 1500s.

Word Builder: build +

builder:  a person who builds; a person who works in construction.