part of speech: noun

definition 1: a solid piece of hard material, such as wood or concrete, with flat sides.

  • The mason built a wall out of stone blocks.

definition 2: a small cube or other three-dimensional shape made out of wood or plastic and used as a child’s building toy.

definition 3: an area in a city or town surrounded by four connecting streets. The distance of one of the sides is also called a block.

  • Let’s take a walk around the block.
  • He lives only one block from the store.

definition 4: the case that holds a pulley.

definition 5: a group of people or things considered as a single unit.

  • They saved us a block of seats for the basketball game.

synonyms: group

definition 6: something that slows down or obstructs.

  • The stalled car is a block to traffic.

synonyms: hindrance, obstacle, obstruction

definition 7: the use of the body to stop the movement of another player in football and other sports.

  • That block of his opponent helped to win the game.


part of speech: verb

inflections: blocks, blocking, blocked

definition 1: to get in the way of movement or stop progress.

  • The Senator tried to block discussion of the bill.

synonyms: hinder, obstruct, stop

antonyms: bolster

definition 2: to close off or obstruct by putting something in the way.

  • The stalled truck blocked the road.

synonyms: clog, jam, obstruct