part of speech: adjective

inflections: blinder, blindest

definition 1: not able to see; having no sight.

  • A large dog led the blind man across the street.

synonyms: sightless

definition 2: not willing or able to recognize or understand.

  • He is blind to the truth about his father.

synonyms: ignorant, unaware

definition 3: out of sight; hidden.

  • A sign warned of the blind driveways on the street.

synonyms: hidden


part of speech: verb

inflections: blinds, blinding, blinded

definition 1: to cause to lose sight for a short time or permanently.

  • The car headlights blinded the deer.

definition 2: to make unable to judge well or think sensibly.

  • Love blinded him to her faults.


part of speech: noun

definition: a window shade made of cloth or metal strips.


part of speech: adverb

inflections: blinder, blindest

definition: without being able to see or understand.

  • The pilot flew the airplane blind.

derivation: blindness (n.)