part of speech: adjective

definition 1: comparative of good.

antonyms: worse

definition 2: more excellent; of a higher quality.

  • This is a better restaurant because of its fine service.

synonyms: finer, greater, superior

antonyms: base, inferior, worse

definition 3: more useful; having more desirable results.

  • These shoes are better for walking than those sandals.

antonyms: worse

definition 4: healthier; no longer sick or injured.

  • Is she better after the operation?

synonyms: cured, healed

antonyms: down, ill, worse

definition 5: larger.

  • The house took the better part of a year to build.

synonyms: bigger, greater, larger

phrase: better off

part of speech: adverb

definition 1: comparative of well.

antonyms: worse

definition 2: with more success or excellence.

  • The plants will grow better in the sun.

antonyms: worse

definition 3: more; greater; longer.

  • He drove better than ten miles to get here.

synonyms: greater, more

part of speech: verb

inflections: betters, bettering, bettered

definition 1: to improve.

  • Abe bettered himself through education.

synonyms: enhance, further, improve

definition 2: to do better than; to top or outdo.

  • She bettered the school record in that race.

synonyms: exceed, outdo, surpass, top


part of speech: noun

definition: the greater or more excellent one.

  • This school is the better of the two.

synonyms: cream, pick

antonyms: worse