part of speech: preposition

definition 1: in or at the back of; on the other side of.

  • Who is standing behind this door?

definition 2: at a stage or position less advanced than.

  • Joe and Andy are both good at social studies and English, but Joe is behind Andy in math.

definition 3: at a time later than.

  • The second train arrived five minutes behind the first.

definition 4: supporting; backing.

  • The people are behind the mayor’s plan to build more parking lots.

antonyms: against


part of speech: adverb

definition 1: at or toward the back; in the rear.

  • The dog trotted behind.

antonyms: ahead

definition 2: in a place, time, or condition that has passed.

  • I left my suitcase behind.

antonyms: ahead

definition 3: slower than expected or required; not keeping to the usual or necessary schedule.

  • I am behind in my work.
  • She is behind in her rent.