part of speech: verb

inflections: beats, beating, beat, beaten

definition 1: to hit again and again.

  • He beat the drum with his new drumsticks.

synonyms: club, flail, knock, pound

definition 2: to win against; defeat.

  • Mai beat her brother at tennis.

synonyms: defeat, lick, whip

definition 3: to stir rapidly.

  • Beat the eggs.

synonyms: blend

definition 4: to pound; thump.

  • I was so scared that I could hear my heart beating.

synonyms: pound, pulse, throb

phrase: beat around the bush


part of speech: noun

definition 1: a hit or blow, often in a series.

  • He gave the nail one last beat with his hammer.

synonyms: blow, hit, stroke

definition 2: a thump.

  • The doctor listened carefully to the beat of my heart.

synonyms: throb

definition 3: musical rhythm.

  • We danced to the beat of the music.

synonyms: rhythm

definition 4: a person’s regular route on the job.

  • The policeman walked his beat every day.


part of speech: adjective

definition: (informal) very tired; exhausted.

  • Kim was beat after skiing all day.

synonyms: exhausted, worn-out

derivation: beatable (adj.)