part of speech: verb

inflections: bears, bearing, bore, born, borne

definition 1: to carry.

  • The servants will bear the gift to the king.

synonyms: bring, carry, convey

definition 2: to hold up or support.

  • These beams bear the weight of tons of stone.

synonyms: support

definition 3: to put up with; endure.

  • Pip could not bear being poor.

synonyms: stand, take, tolerate, withstand

definition 4: to give birth to.

  • She bore a son and named him after his father.

synonyms: have

definition 5: to produce by growth.

  • Apple trees bear fruit in the fall.

synonyms: produce, yield

definition 6: to have or accept as a duty.

  • Who bears the blame for this?

synonyms: accept, assume

definition 7: to go in a certain direction; turn.

  • Bear left at the traffic light.

synonyms: turn

phrase: bear up

phrase: bear with


part of speech: noun

inflections: bears, bear

definition: a large furry mammal with a short tail. Bears are omnivorous; they may eat plants, honey, insects, fish, and small mammals. There are several kinds of bears, including black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears, and polar bears.