part of speech: adverb

definition 1: in a circle.

  • The car spun around.

definition 2: in all directions or to all sides.

  • He looked around.

definition 3: measured along the outside edge; in circumference.

  • The tree trunk was eighteen inches around.

definition 4: (informal) about; nearby.

  • I’ll be around if you need me.

definition 5: in or to the opposite direction.

  • The car turned around.

definition 6: through an area.

  • Will you show me around?


part of speech: preposition

definition 1: on all sides of.

  • There are bushes around the park.

definition 2: near to.

  • John had to stay around the house.

definition 3: in or to places within an area; here and there.

  • They drove around the country.

definition 4: so as to surround or go around.

  • Tie a string around your finger.

definition 5: so as to move in a circle.

  • Do you want to drive around the lake?

definition 6: somewhere near; about.

  • Come around noon.