part of speech: noun

definition 1: a reply.

  • I want an answer to my question.

synonyms: reply, response

definition 2: an action in response.

  • His answer was to walk out the door.

synonyms: reply

definition 3: the solution to a problem.

  • Cats were often the answer to the problem of a mouse in the house.
  • The answer for these dirty old walls is a new coat of paint.

synonyms: solution


part of speech: verb

inflections: answers, answering, answered

definition 1: to reply in words or with an action.

  • Tina answered, but no one heard her.

synonyms: respond

definition 2: to be responsible to (someone).

  • You’re not my boss; I don’t have to answer to you.

definition 3: to fit; agree with or match (usually followed by “to”).

  • He answers to that description.

definition 4: to respond or reply to.

  • Why won’t someone answer me?