part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act of coming to a common understanding or of agreeing.

  • My parents and I reached an agreement about how much time I must practice piano every day.

synonyms: negotiation, settlement

definition 2: an understanding between people or groups that states what kind of action is to be taken and what each person’s responsibility will be. The document that describes this understanding is also called an agreement.

  • My parents asked me to sign an agreement that said I would clean my room at least once a week.

synonyms: accord, bargain, compact, contract, deal, understanding

definition 3: common understanding; harmony; accord.

  • My friends and I were in agreement about renting a movie instead of watching TV.

synonyms: accord, harmony
antonyms: conflict, dispute, dissent

definition 4: a legal contract.

  • The customer has to sign an agreement in order to rent a car.

synonyms: compact, contract