part of speech: verb

inflections: agrees, agreeing, agreed

definition 1: to have the same opinion or feel the same way (often followed by “with”).

  • I agree with my friend about most things.

synonyms: assent, coincide, comply, concur, correspond, square with

antonyms: clash, conflict, differ, disagree, dissent, protest

definition 2: to say yes; consent.

  • He agreed to do the job for us.

synonyms: consent

antonyms: protest, refuse

definition 3: to come to an understanding or a shared decision.

  • They finally agreed on a solution to the problem.

synonyms: accord, coincide, concur

antonyms: disagree

definition 4: to be right for; fit.

  • That color agrees with her complexion.

synonyms: square with

antonyms: disagree

definition 5: to be alike; match.

  • Do our answers agree?

synonyms: correspond, match

antonyms: conflict, differ, disagree


derivation: agreeing (adj.)