part of speech: preposition

definition 1: later in time than, or behind in order.

  • After school, I had a snack.
  • The first house after the white one is mine.

antonyms: before

definition 2: as a result of.

  • After what happened yesterday, she may never go back there.

definition 3: with the same name as.

  • The baby was named after me.

definition 4: looking for or in search of.

  • The dog chased after the squirrel.


part of speech: adverb

definition 1: at the rear; behind.

  • The bride walked down the aisle and a bridesmaid walked after.

antonyms: ahead

definition 2: after some time; later.

  • She leaves the house at nine, and he leaves not long after.

antonyms: before


part of speech: conjunction

definition: following a certain event or time.

  • It happened after she left.

antonyms: before