part of speech: noun

definition 1: something that is done for a particular purpose.

  • As president of the students, his first action was to bring back school dances.

synonyms: act, activity, deed, execution, labor, operation, practice, work

definition 2: (usually plural) way of acting or behaving.

  • As a teacher, her actions are not acceptable.

synonyms: behavior, conduct

definition 3: a movement or series of movements.

  • The language students are learning words for various actions such as jumping, waving, pointing, and skipping.
  • Actions of the body combine with speech to communicate meaning.

definition 4: lively or intense activity.

  • I like movies with a lot of action.

synonyms: activity, energy, excitement, force

definition 5: the manner of a mechanism’s moving or operating, or the mechanism itself.

  • The action of the clock fascinated the little boy.

synonyms: functioning, mechanism, motion, movement, operation

definition 6: fighting that occurs during a war.

  • The new soldiers saw action soon after they arrived.

synonyms: battle, combat, conflict, fighting


derivation: actionless (adj.)